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About Us

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Guaranteed Quality. Yes, that is exactly what we mean. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by all of us here at Brian’s Bar-B-Q. We want you to know that we know that our success depends totally on your satisfaction with the quality of Brian’s food, service and atmosphere.

If you find that we haven't reached that goal, please let us know. We'll do our best to make it right - right then. And if we can't, you won't pay. Its that simple. We value you as our guest, and your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Many weekends when you are sleeping, Brian’s Bar-B-Q Competition cook-off team is up all night competing in one of the State Bar-B-Q championships throughout the Southeast. We compete in these cook offs so we can create for you the best Bar-B-Q possible. Other restaurants don’t do this . . . We do . . . We’re better . . . And that’s why.

Here are a few of the other things that set us apart:

  • This restaurant is run for the enjoyment and pleasure of you our guest, not the convenience of the staff or owners. If you have a problem, comment, suggestion or question, call me at 736-0828 and ask for Brian.
  • Some of us went to school and are chefs. Really! Have confidence that you are eating real food prepared by real chefs.
  • More importantly, many of our crew including Jayne and I have been trained by the Kansas City Bar-B-Q Society as Certified Bar-B-Q Judges.
  • I like crisp fries. If yours aren’t crisp, the way you like them-send them back-maybe the kitchen will get the message.
  • Substitutions are ok by us, don’t be bashful, speak up!
  • Our iced tea is always brewed fresh. Period.
  • True Baby Back Ribs are narrow Danish cut! They are the best cut in the world, which is what we use. all of our other ribs are American and come from only our selected sources.
  • Our steaks are cut daily from only fresh, top quality USDA grain fed western beef. If you don’t believe me, give me a call, and I’ll show you.
  • We make most of our salads and dressings. I think that the Bleu Cheese Dressing and Smoked Chicken salad are second to none. If you have a good recipe, let us know!
  • Our pitmasters make all of our Bar-B-Q Sauces, Marinades, Soups and Beans from fresh i ngredients using original recipes. Take a bottle of BBQ sauce or Hot sauce home.
  • and peeling shrimp and hand breading all of our seafood gives a superior, fresh taste.

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Gift Certificates

Say thank you to someone with a Brian’s Bar B Que gift certificate. Or let Bar-B-Q buy you a favor from a friend. Sold in $5.00 increments up to any amount.

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